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Short Course Podcast

#89: More Values

This week on the podcast, I discuss a few more issues that I think benefit from applying a values-focused approach: single action guns in Carry Optics (and Production), why the classifier system needs improvement, and...

#88: Major Match Schedule

This week on the podcast, I talk through the five major matches I’m planning to shoot this year, why I’m interested in them, and why I won’t be shooting USPSA Nationals until things improve....

#87: Proposed Rule Changes

This week on the podcast, I talk through the proposed rule changes dropped right before Christmas and my thoughts on whether each one is taking the sport is a positive or negative direction. To subscribe to the podcast,...

#86: Overhauling Production

This week on the podcast, in light of the pending discussion of Production at the January in-person Board meeting, I present the outline of where I think Production and Carry Optics should go in light of the lack of a...