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Short Course Podcast

#53: Lightning Round

This week on the podcast, I catch up on a few different things I’ve been thinking about. I talk about USPSA not printing paper rulebooks anymore, setting aside my opinions when shooting matches, 3 minute stage...

#52: Mastery

This week on the podcast, I talk about the book Mastery by George Leonard. I talk about some of the reasons I’m always in the process of re-reading it, and try to give you a sense for what the book is all about....

#51: Mental Game

This week on the podcast, I talk about mindset changes going forward into this season to take stages more seriously and shoot closer to my theoretical skill. I also talk about some of my new goals going forward in both...

#50: Shooting in a Slump

This week on the podcast, I talk through the problems I’ve been having trying to get this year of shooting started and speculate about the underlying causes....

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