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#95: Mastery Versus Novelty

This week on the podcast, I discuss approaching questions from a novelty-focused versus mastery-focused perspective, and discuss a few case studies, including Nationals, Limited Optics, and the classifier system....

#94: Matches Filling Up

This week on the podcast, I talk about the 2021 rules changes to Production and Carry Optics, and discuss the fact that the temporary lull in match attendance in the last two years is ending, and the need for USPSA to...

#93: Rule Changes (2023)

This week on the podcast, I cover all the rules in the March 2023 changes that you might run into at a match, as well as cover the interview that Scott Arnburg did 24 hours after attending his first board meeting. To...

#92: In-Person Board Meeting

This week on the podcast, I review the recent happenings in USPSA, including the Area 3 runoff election results, the ratified rules changes, and the minutes of the January in-person board meeting. To subscribe to the...