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#84: Reinventing USPSA?

This week on the podcast, I use the ruleset for an outlaw major match as lens to examine the things that USPSA rules get right and wrong....

#83: Why Practical Shooting Matters

This week on the podcast, I talk about five different ways that practical shooting can, does, and should play a larger role in society, and why it’s important to not lose sight of that as we talk about the nitty...

#82: Values

This week on the podcast, I provide some corrections and updates regarding the bans handed down last week, and then discuss the importance of understanding the values that underlie past decisions and the importance of...

#81: Final Bans Announced

This week on the podcast, I review the outcome of the five members suspended back in July, and discuss the issues with how little has been disclosed about what they did to earn their respective punishments, as well as...