Ben Berry

Competitive Shooter | USPSA #L5380 | Raleigh, NC

The third time I fired a gun in my life was at my first IDPA match in 2010. I came in dead last, but I was hooked. By 2012, I was shooting both IDPA and USPSA. I joined USPSA at the end of 2012, worked the 2013 NC Section, got my RO certification in 2014, and CRO certification in 2015, working the state match each year.

I initially classified as C class in 2013 and worked up, one classification per year, until becoming a USPSA Production GM in 2017. Over the years, I’ve had the chance to take classes with Steve Anderson, Ben Stoeger, and Eric Grauffel. I continue to take classes and train as much as time allows, shooting a mix of Production and Carry Optics.

You can see what Ben is up to these days with his match videos on YouTube, or hear what is on his mind with the latest blog or an episode of his podcast, Short Course.