This page is a rundown of all the gear I take to matches and practice, with some brief comments about what I like about them.

Anything on this list doesn’t constitute a global endorsement. It just happens that the particular tradeoffs offered by that piece of gear fit my needs so far.

Match Gear

  • Gun: Tanfoglio Stock 2
    • Setup: EGD Med Hammer spring, EGD Light FP spring, EGD Firing pin.
    • Grips: Custom-made, extra-thick Lok Grips G10 grip panels.
    • Before that, I was using the stock wood grips because they gave the most surface area and grip. I have average size hands, but I don’t have much use for thin grips or chunky metal grips.
  • Sights: Dawson .100 width front with red fiber; stock Tanfoglio rear
  • Holster: Molded kydex body with BSPS thumb screws on a BOSS holster mount with small spacers.
    • My holster is made by a local custom kydex guy, but Red Hill and Long’s Shadow both look like fine options if you need to order something online.
    • The Bladetech Stock 2 holster rattles too much for my liking. Probably because it’s molded large enough to accomodate a Stock 3 as well, which is half an inch longer and has a rail.
  • Belt: CR Speed Super Hi-Torque Belt
    • I have also used a DAA Competition (not Pro) belt but found it too stiff. The CR Speed has just the right amount of give to be comfortable but firm.
  • Mag Pouches: DAA Racers
    • The DAA belt mount is very minimal and the mags sit low on the belt making them easier to reach. I had to sand the spacers to fit large frame Tanfo mags and blue loctite the screw that holds it on the belt mount.
    • I used to use Ghost 360 pouches, but found their belt mount was so wide I would hit my thumb on it (mounted bullets-forward). Also, I snapped one about once a year
  • Ammo: 135gr TC Blue Bullets with CCI or Winchester primers.
    • Not interested in chasing the light trigger fairy and shooting Federals only.
  • Hat camera: Tachyon GunCam
    • The fisheye is minimal, the camera is very reliable, and the audio quality is pretty good. If you have the money, it’s the most straightforward option.
    • Hat mount: 3M DualLock “velcro” to stick the camera to a black money clip. Works great.
    • Used to use a Mobius Mini, which as a great value and super light weight.
  • Handheld camera: Canon Vixia R800
    • Recommended.
    • Avoid the Sony Handycams. Fewer features, poor build quality, and the proprietary video formats are a hassle.

Range Bag

  • Fast Orange Hand wipes: The flat 25-count packs fit nicely in a range bag and the textured side does a pretty good job getting stuff off your hands.
  • Oiler Pen: doesn’t leak in my range bag, made of metal so I don’t have to worry about crushing or bending it, and very precise to apply.

Practice Gear

  • Clipboard: Plastic clipboard with storage inside that gives you a place to store pens, a small notebook, sheets of dots, and other small bits. Having a little thickness makes it easy to hold in one hand and write on too. 
  • Husky 35″ Job Box: The size makes it the perfect size to hold USPSA targets, and the tool tray is a good place for timer, target stakes, paster rolls, and so on. Plus some target stands, this box stays packed between practice sessions and I just pack my range bag with guns, mags, and ammo to be ready to go practice.


  • Headlamp: A good headlamp is my preferred way to get light in the right spot when you need both hands free. Also useful for picking up brass after the sun goes down.
  • Tweezers: Very helpful dealing with the fiddly bits and springs on my guns or reloading press. Having some point and some flat, some magnetic and some not are both useful. This is a nice variety.
  • 99% Rubbing Alcohol: Very flammable but also very effective. Dissolves lots of things and evaporates very quickly.
  • Swabits: I use the .22 caliber ones for cleaning firing pin/striker channels, and 9mm ones for cleaning bores. Pretty easy to wash out with a little 99%.