GoShoot USPSA July 2017

Ben BerryMatch Debrief

GoShoot USPSA was a fun indoor match with mostly half-scale IPSC targets, the third time Chris Tilley has hosted a match at his indoor range in Raleigh. I had one crazy dud round, and a 90% classifier even with less than optimal lighting. Sorry for the awkward angle that sometimes features my forearms too prominently. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to mount my new Tachyon camera.

Stage 1
I have no explanation for the round that just wouldn’t go off. It was a Winchester primer in a batch of ammo that was all CCIs, so my best guess is that it was sitting on my bench from a previous practice where it had failed to ignite, and got in to my box of ammo. I kept expecting it to go off and it never did.

Stage 2
Starting with mags on the barrel added an interesting wrinkle to this stage, with three targets removed (so the Open guys didn’t have to reload?).

Stage 3
A tight, technical stage. Took two deltas on the second to last target because I didn’t aim at the right spot after getting in to that awkward lean.

Stage 4
Another good stage that used the space well. Put the camera on a tripod because our 11 man squad was busy running the two stages back to back.

Stage 5
90% run on Diamond Cutter with the two outside targets in a bit of shadow. (No third person camera for this because I messed up hitting record.)

Stage 6
The same target array as Diamond Cutter but as a freestyle/strong/weak standards stage. My reloads were terrible here for no good reason that I can find. (No hat cam video on this one because I’m still not 100% used to the new camera, but so far I like it a lot.)