#42: How I Would Do Nationals

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This week on the podcast, I talk about some discussions I’ve had around Nationals and if I had the opportunity to change things, what I would do differently.

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  1. So, I have a few dissenting opinions here. First being you kind of contradict yourself this is just a different perspective not a bitch or a rant. I for one really like the way 2019 nationals will be segregated. By keeping a nearly even round count you can really test specific skills in practical shooting geared towards those guns. Open/ Pcc 30 ish/unlimited Limited/carry optics 20-22 rounds Production L 10, 10 rounds and Single Stack/Revolver 11 minor 9 major/ 8 This leaves the ability to test a shooters accuracy and consistency. Where a stage can be very intricate and difficult for production or Single stack shooters it can be boring and bland for open, or even limited. You can push people with a dot so it’s not as Easy without punishing the irons shooters ( challenging in minor 9 to get the A but not completely punishing the limited shooters.

    I also feel nationals should be open to everyone much like NRA nationals at Camp Perry, this allows more people to see our sport on the big stage, and bring up the level of their club, sectional state and smaller matches , it gives them ideas on stages, etc.

    I absolutely agree on the Big stages thing. I like smaller more challenging stages there is no reason just to bump round count or make stages so h uge that running a few yards can make up for poor shooting.

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