#81: Final Bans Announced

Ben BerryPodcast

This week on the podcast, I review the outcome of the five members suspended back in July, and discuss the issues with how little has been disclosed about what they did to earn their respective punishments, as well as their limited ability to defend themselves from unknown charges.

My Recommendations To The Incoming USPSA President

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I’m publishing this post the night before the Board meets to vote whether to remove Mike Foley as USPSA President. I’m assuming (and hoping) they get the votes required to do that. By my reading of the bylaws, the Vice President will be acting President until an election can be held to fill the position for the remainder of the current term through the end of 2023. The number of people talking about running is truly wild, but we will see who actually puts their name in and how the election shakes out. This article is my best effort to … Read More