#39: USPSA Nationals 2018

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This week on the podcast, live from the hotel room the night before the final day of Production Nationals, I talk about how things have changed in the last year, and what I’m looking to get out of shooting Nationals this year.

Thoughts on IPSC Nationals 2017

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2017 US IPSC Nationals - Universal Shooting Academy - Frostproof, FL - Berry Shooting

Two weeks ago, I shot the 2017 US IPSC Nationals the biggest (and only) match in the US under IPSC rules, the international version of USPSA. The rules of the two are mostly the same, but the small variations can make key differences. For example, the IPSC rules about walking the stages the day before you actually shoot the match are the same, but are enforced differently. Where the US defaults to allowing competitors to walk stages any time the range is open and there’s not a squad on the stage, IPSC goes the other way: competitors are not allowed … Read More