Lesson From Practice

Ben BerryBlog

Another example of why you have to look for patterns in your practice and not just score the targets, from my practice this past weekend:

Technically this run on Ben Stoeger’s Practical Accuracy was all 6 hits, none even really cutting it close. And the time was fast. A few hundredths faster than the runs before it.

But it was also sloppy and bad technique. I felt myself pulling the trigger with my whole hand, and so it’s no coincidence that 4 of the 6 shots clustered low left. So for the next rep, I focused on gripping the gun front-to-back and pulling the trigger straight back to the rear. Doing that wasn’t quite as fast, but the hits were a nice circle in the middle of the A instead of this mutated Big Dipper of crap.

If I had just scored the drill by time and points, I would have thought the result in the photo was good. But I stayed observant of my shooting and read the pattern in the hits, not just the score. It was a small victory.