#124: Area 6 Match Announcement

Ben BerryPodcast

This week I discuss the events around USPSA filing to register the “Hit Factor” trademark, the appointment of the interim Area 1 director, announce dates and information related to this year’s Area 6 championship, and discuss how staff reset matches provide a place for folks interested in getting started volunteering. Links: To subscribe to the podcast, search “Short Course” in your podcast app, or add https://berryshooting.com/short-course.xml by URL.

#82: Values

Ben BerryPodcast

This week on the podcast, I provide some corrections and updates regarding the bans handed down last week, and then discuss the importance of understanding the values that underlie past decisions and the importance of evaluating if they still apply today. Links: – Pat Brown’s response letter to his suspension (slides 3 and 4)

#78: Running for Area 6 Director

Ben BerryPodcast

This week on the podcast, I talk about my decision to run for Area 6 Director, and why I think it’s important that we stay and try to turn the existing organization around instead of quitting. As mentioned in the podcast, USPSA is requiring me to submit my nomination petition on their particular form, but they have previously allowed petitions that include pages with single signatures. I will have a paper petition with me at Sir Walter for the match this weekend, so if you’re coming to that match, you can sign it there. Otherwise, if you want to sign … Read More

Area 6 2021 Wrapup

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(Photo by Trigger Pull Photography) The highest-profile match to be held in North Carolina has come and gone, and I think it will go down as being largely a success: Rowan County Wildlife Association hosting the 2021 Area 6 Championship. Stages and Setup When the stages were first posted, it was definitely a bit confusing. Some of the stages, from designers such as Gerrit Heinrich and Bryce Dupuy, looked excellent. Some of them looked half-baked, at best. For one thing, many of the stages would not fit in the bays Rowan had available. (Somewhat confusingly, although Rowan had 12 bays … Read More