#71: Saying Nice Things About IDPA

Ben BerryPodcast

This week on the podcast, I say nice things about IDPA and discuss some things that I think they get right: things like simpler rules, more social culture, better range commands, and banning memory stages.

#36: Single Stack

Ben BerryPodcast

This week on the podcast, I talk about my strange, sporadic schedule of shooting Single Stack over the course of three years, what I learned from it, and why I eventually gave it up.

#35: Changing Guns

Ben BerryPodcast

This week on the podcast, on the two year anniversary of switching to shoot a Tanfoglio, I look back on the different Production guns I’ve shot over my career and talk about what I learned from each one, and what I like about what I have now.

#13: Origin Story

Ben BerryPodcast

This week on the podcast, I talk about shooting my first match, and my early shooting career in IDPA, including my initial novice classification. I talk about how I made the jump to USPSA (initial classification C), and the class I took that connected all the dots and put me on the path to today.

#8: The Value of Outlaw Matches

Ben BerryPodcast

This week on Short Course, I give some thoughts about pistol matches using rules other than USPSA, and why that’s a good thing. I talk about why it’s good for the hobby of practical shooting and good as a competitor to have a variety of matches that aren’t all exactly the same.

Changing Direction

Ben BerryBlog

Ben Stoeger Practical Shooting Fundamentals Class - Oxford, NC

One of the things that I’ve been thinking about since making GM is the past, or particularly, my past. I shot my first match 8 years ago, an indoor IDPA match with a borrowed 1911. I originally classified as SSP Novice. I joined USPSA four years ago, and initially classified as Production C. What’s interesting is that none of those really matter. How bad I was to start doesn’t really matter. That I started in IDPA doesn’t really matter. My past only matters insofar as it gives me knowledge and experience to help me make decisions today. But I don’t … Read More